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08-28-2012, 06:46 PM
Originally Posted by trek21 View Post
It's not that hard to earn Dilithilum in-game.

I used the Dismiss option frequently myself on colonists. But I don't mind the change, because in the daily Dil grind, it hardly did anything (a loss of 1,500 Dil every 5 days, roughly... oh no /sarcasm).

And sometimes, the reactions by the forum-goers seem knee-jerk... my two cents.
No one said it is not hard, however removing avenues for obtaining it and funneling everyone into only a handful of missions that reward it is what makes it a grind and tedious. Quite honestly, who cares how much and how fast you earn it, you can only refine 8-9K a day so the system is buffered. There is a massive Dilithium sink in game right now. But, if you do enjoy running and doing the same things over and over and be it. Me, I prefer variety in a game.

There are better and more well thought out solutions to the issue than what was actually implemented.

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