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Originally Posted by cmdrskyfaller View Post
The B'rel can be used as a science support vessel very easily. In fact it's THE best science support ship in the game.


Because it decloaks, does the science ability and re-cloaks in 3 seconds time.

A b'rel with:


Jam Sensors 1, Scramble Sensors 1, Gravity Well 1, Gravity Well 3

Lt Cmdr

Science team, Transfer Shield strength 2, Hazard 3


Transfer Shield strength 1 , Science team 2


Engineering Team 1, Aux to SIF 1

Is the ultimate crowd control and assist-healer there is. All these abilities if you click them will cause the B'rel to decloak and re-cloak in 3 seconds (only energy weapons fire will disrupt the 3-second cloak).

You have no tactical boffs but you can still dish pain. Load forward weapons with:

Tricobalt (or bioneural)x 2, harpeng, breen cluster (or replace one tricobalt with ferengi rockets if you have them)

Aft weapons:

Chroniton mines, tractor beam mines.

and you can deal very nice limited range aoe damage and lay mines to support in key areas.

B'rel does NOT decloak when dropping mines.
That actually sounds great for pvp, but how about PVE and STF's? I always play on elite difficulty and fear I will not get enough oomph as a science captain.

Any advice?