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Originally Posted by piwright42 View Post
Great advice thank you, though I noticed that diminishing returns does not work quite the way you expect and that tank skill is awful for escorts, (I tend to grab agro in my escorts even when paired with a strong tank). Then again I have done a bunch of what's on this list.

Now here's my point, I do not want baddies that hit harder for the sake of weak mechanics. I want baddies that make me think, kinda like I have to think when I PvP. That's why I am in DontDrunks camp.
As much as i would love to see smarter more efficient enemies that just dont do OP torp attacks and beams from hades.....what would you expect them to do?

I do see progress in the AI or programming...some of the cruisers are shooting a beam that bounces around and does some serious damage...

I think these kinds of gimmicks are the bread and butter of what could constitute elite level play.

Mobs that use player tactics.......knock your shields down use tractors then go ini for the opposed to one torpedo that kills you...

I dunno just my thoughts too
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