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08-28-2012, 08:15 PM
yeah..gonna earn some rage here but i am not afraid to say my peace and whatnot.

There should be no penalty for leaving an STF at all.......Why do you ask? The answer is simple. All STF players should go through an accolade process which allows them to experince the lesser stf and learn the fundamentals of elite stf handling.

I would think 20-30 sucessful runs on normal would allow some, if not most. players to learn the ropes well enough to even venture into uncharted territory.

Hypothedically: On the 30th su cessful run they earn an accolade.....'play with the big boys/girls" Now they have access to elite content.

That being said i do not expect a first timer in elite to perform perfectly...i too was once an inexperienced player back when the game launched. It is insidious to me that the mechanics allow a newly made lvl 50 to enter into elite play with no knowledge or skills....let alone the gear to even be useful. I'm not willing(mostly) to play teacher to someone who is "wet behind the ears" It could be an account wide accolade too..since we need only learnt he ropes once...
THE WORST part of the NEWER players in elite is no communication..."PARDON ME GUYS" I am new dunno what I am doing....I am more prone to helping that then the "silent newcomer" who ruins it because he cant deal with the probes on KA

FLEET DRIVEN CONTENT they are boring and easy......should be no ragequitting there.....the amount of marks awarded between failure and sucess is so marginal......IMO. Still i will insist there be no leaver penalty.....but again it is my opinion.

LASTLY IMO I feel the Leaver penalty is an attempt to placate those who were left behind and the rage.anger they might feel. YOU LEAVE US?? How dare u suffer. We all pretty much pay to play in some manner.....IF you dont like to PUG are not forced to..this is a social game..make with them......but if you must warned there be shenanigans ahead.
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