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As with my Sovereign-class Enterprise-E build, this is for the U.S.S. Defiant. I only made it for the Retrofit because the Retrofit has the Cloaking Device. Wouldn't be the Defiant without it.

Have not quite figured this out yet. Hull 2 or 3, Windows 4..
as for the primary and secondary colors, I chose E13 for primary and C3 as secondary.

This was a guessing game.
Saucer - Ares
Hull - Orion
Nacelles - Andromeda
Pylons - Sagittarius

Phaser Quad Cannons (Only obtainable from the Sao Paulo-class refit.)
Quantum Torpedo Launcher
Quantum Torpedo Launcher
Phaser Dual Beam Bank

Phaser Beam Array
Photon Torpedo Launcher
Photon Torpedo Launcher

Bridge Officers
Like I said, this is for the Tactical Escort Retrofit ONLY.

Commander Tactical
Tactical Team 1
Cannon: Rapid Fire 1
Torpedo: High Yield 3
Cannon: Rapid Fire 3

Lieutenant Commander Tactical
Tactical Team 1
Attack Pattern Delta 1
Attack Pattern Omega 1

Ensign Tactical
I have Torpedo: High Yield 1, but anything you like would go here.

Lieutenant Engineering
Engineering Team 1
Emergency Power to Shields 2

Lieutenant Science
Tractor Beam 1 (The Defiant had a Tractor Beam)
Hazard Emitters 2 or Science Team 2

Cloaking Device and an Ablative Armor console are a must. You may want to try some Phaser Relay consoles as well as the Zero Point Quantum Chamber. You might also want to put a Biofunction Monitor and Emergency Forcefields console on it, as well.

I hope you enjoy this, and look at my Sovereign build as well

Off-topic, if anyone knows how to set up a signature, can you tell me?

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