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08-29-2012, 12:12 AM
This is why I usually won't join a pug because I only play Elite and face it there are so few players who are actually elite that the chances of finding another elite player in an elite stf pugging are astronomically against you.

I hope that system for progression with STF's will put players in some kind of gauging system where if you have not accomplished a lot or anything in STF's that its not going to team you with a player who is looking for elite players like themselves to team with so that you can just que up and go and have some sense of okay these guys should be somewhat okay to team with.

Another thing to break some language barriers which sometimes with optionals and such are a prime example of leavers is someone being given a leader option that can assign tasks that could be translated to the team mates. I hate to say this too but in IGE in pugs we need a tractor beam or stasis field of some type that just holds the noobs in place from screwing up the run