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# 99 waiting for reward/reply
08-29-2012, 01:32 AM
A little help please pwebranflakes,

I went on tribble during the test time with 4 or 5 other friends/fleetmates. We were all part of the SSR group on the tribble server. They all got their rewards, but mine have never showed up in my Cstore. Since they all got theirs, and we were all there together, I obviously should have met the requirements to qualify.

I put in a ticket on this problem and have waited patiently, but have gotten no response. I understand theres been alot of issues and it takes time, but the fact that I havent received even a response letting me know theyre looking into it, has me concerned and a little torqued. I have played some of their games as well as beta tested for PWE more than once, and have experienced their idea of customer service. Im hoping that isnt going to be the standard now with STO.

I know I qualify for the rewards and would appreciate if you would look into this for me please, Branflakes. As a paying customer, I dont think its asking alot to want a reply to a ticket I turn in, at the very least. Even if its gona be a bit yet until its fixed, a reply letting me know is just respectful. (as well as good business) Thank You