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Hello, everyone!

How would I use a 50$ visa gift card that I bought to... say... order gold membership, or order zen? I can't put it on paypal or google checkout, as it doesn't have a definite billing address...


The billing address is the same as the company who provide the gift card, e.g.

Sesame Street Gift Cards Inc
123 Sesame Street
Town / City

You should be able to contact them directly and they will advise you of the address to use, if it's not on their website under an FAQ or help page

Originally Posted by ericsonxx View Post
Well that doesn't make sense, I used a Visa Gift card to get 2000 Zen just fine a couple weeks ago. Just put the transaction in like a regular credit card and it should work fine.

This is correct and should also work, as far as available funds on the card, because they just want our money

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