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08-29-2012, 03:16 AM
I'm not entirely sure this thread isn't one long troll, but here I go anyway. :\

1) If your not having fun, don't play. The use of the game a is to have fun. If your not having fun, the game has failed in it's use, and your basically just punishing your self.

2) If your going to fault someone fore not being perfect, I suggest you look in a mirror sometime soon.

A good chuck of the thread seems to be bound up in the idea that "we're awesome, and entitled to be surrounded by awesome people like us". Sound outrageous? Really? Keep that sentence in mind and reread the first page or five.

Still reading? Oh good.

Some of the better runs I've had were me getting off my high hill, and just enoying the simple joy of teaching people how to do a STF. Most new people are shy about doing a elite because they're afraid of or tired of being yelled at. Then instead of taking the abuse of a clanish bunch, just move on to greener pastures. So, there are always more newbies and fewer "elites". Case and point the "elite" channels. If why want to cry about PuGs being bad, you really should know it's a hell of your own make.

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