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Originally Posted by hurleybird View Post
Either the rapids need to be toned down, or the regular transphasics need a buff... or some combination of the two. The ever so slightly higher burst damage of the regular transphasic is not worth the huge decrease in DPS.

If you want to verify my findings, here is the code I used to calculate my values, sorry in advance that the quote function killed the formatting a bit:
I think your math is wrong as 3 regular transphasics pretty much fire the same speed as 3 rapid so I do not see how rapid could be pulling out more DPS. When you say ?being half a second? that is not fire rate is it? Fire rate caps out at 2 seconds max.

On a full torpedo boat (I run 4 torps front) there is not a huge decrease in DPS in fact there is a increase in DPS and burst.

Transphasics are not underpowered and the rapid fire torpedos are the lower DPS ones when talking about the higher end. Plus regular transphasics give higher damage with torpedo skills over rapid torps.