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08-29-2012, 03:22 AM
If you really love the pew pew pew of your turrets firing with CRF, you could go with a single cannon build, I used one in a galor to great effect. Because the turn rate is simular to the Galaxy X you could modify Hakaishin's set up to suit yourself. His excelent build is here.

For survivability you really want to run 3 part borg with KHG shields. I have found the Jem'hadar set to be rather worthless in comparison.

A simple build off the top of my head could look like this.

KHG shields, Borg Deflector/Engines

Weapns: Fore: 4 single cannons Aft: 4 turrets
Engi Consoles: borg/armor/BoP/Autocannon
Sci Consoles: Field Generators
Tac Consoes: whichever boost your energy type.

LTC tac: tac team, CRF1, APO
LT Tac: Tac team, CRF1
LT Sci: Haz Em1, TSS 2
Ensg Eng: EPtW 1,
CMDR Eng: EPtW 1, EPtS 2, EPtS 3, AUX to SIf 3

I may have screwed up on the Boff positions.... STO wiki is not liking me right now.
hope this helps
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