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08-29-2012, 05:15 AM
I have two 'best' experiances

KAGE, Cast: myself a Gorn Sci, a human tact with a brain, a human tact and human eng who were clueless, and a arrgoant klingon tact.

All is going a bit iffy (people being knocked on their butts quickly) but we got to the big room. After enduring about 3/4 aggroed patrols the good human tact disconnects
When the room is clear and i start at the shield room, the klingon tact didnt managed to lower the hp enough for me to extend, while the two humans ran about aimlessly. Klingon tact rage quits. 2humans leave out of boredom/confusion, good human tact returns.

He takes the shield room, I took the generator transformer things, took a few attmepts but we got it.

Boss room, we killed what-his-name, and half the borg, i got an unlucky critical then sprayed by heavy tactical drone and ko'd, human kills two of 5, then falls. I return to revieve and we finish the straggles off, and i got proto armor tech ^^!

CGE, cast: myself an orion female engineer, (i forget the other players)
A perfect run, no hassle and I got my proto weapon tech, then was asked to join the team for IGE and got my last optinal AND a shield tech! (start of my second mlxii set ! )

Too many to count of tactical captains running in like redshirts, or tactical captains in rainbow cruisers tickling the borg.

But an irritating worst, getting to Infected ground normal and a complete troll/moron of a tactical feddy walked into the boss room, and stood in the doorway. just stood there like a lemon -.-''''''