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08-29-2012, 07:33 AM
Ok am in favour of keeping the penalty, but it should have some of the rules looked at.

Although this never happened to me, it happened to a fleet member last night. He was in a PUG on a STF ground, when he asked if 3 of us could join him. When he explained 3 people left the instance we explained that we couldn't join his match. Well we could, but the odds of getting in to his and not getting matched up with 2 others queued for a new one were pretty low.

So a suggestion on how to fix this.

We all know you can complete any space STF elite with just 4 players, even 3 should be able to do a cure, minus the opt. But STF ground Can be a little more tricky with 4 or less players.

So when a player or two dropout, the system should recognise this and move the match over to a pubic invite instance where you can invite friends or fleet members to replace the deserters. Plus drop the penalty when only 3 players are left in the event. So they can drop it without repercussions.