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08-29-2012, 08:30 AM
With Fleet Starbases now here, you're going to want to join a fleet so that you'll have access to all the items you'll only be able to purchase in the Starbases. The bigger Fleets can offer you a better chance to get all of these things because their shops will be up and running quickly as they soar through the Tiers to get their Starbase up and fully operational. But the possibility exists that they run the risk of having more items to donate then there is a demand for. Which mean that you may not get all that many Fleet Credits you want to purchase things from the Stores in the Starbase.

However, within the VKF, you'll have the chance to donate much more to the Starbase, which also means that you'll have the ability to purchase more once the Starbase Stores are all up. We are working to have something in place so that everyone gets a good crack at Fleet Credit. If you want to get the most out of the Starbases and you're not a part of a Fleet just yet, then you'll want to take a serious, long look at the VKF. We might be small, but we feel that we can actually offer more out of our Starbase then the larger fleets; which is something that you'll literally be able to take to the bank.

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