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Originally Posted by syberghost View Post
And Cryptic gives you the expansions for free


Free to Play doesn't mean Free to Code, Test, and Operate.

The majority of MMO's out there do give their expansions for free. The F2P games that charge for expansions include not only new regions but new EVERYTHING for the cost of the expansion. Those benefits apply to all characters in the account.

What does cryptic do? A new ship for the cost of the expansion of other games. A 'free' new region that offers its good things only if you buy stuff from the zstore (doff packs,etc) which are for one character only.

Free to Play .. yes.
Free to Code... of course not.

Test? LOL as if the test anything but the functionality of the zstore. Have you even looked at tribble? They don't test ANYTHING. Its a track record with this company since the game went F2P. They do not test at all. Players find that an item listed in the patch notes was broken so horrible the entire item ceases to function and what does cryptic do?

send it to holodeck. Item does not get fixed but rather it is made barely functional again with a haphazard workaround.

That is the extent of Cryptic's quality assurance and testing.

Operate.. of course not.

The difference is, the players would be far more keen on spending money in the game if the things released were not lacking of any quality assurance and if the developers focused at least one or two patches on truly fixing bugs and issues that have been a huge issue for over a year now.

I need not to be a mason to know a wall is crooked nor an architect to know something was done wrong when a building collapses under its weight.

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