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08-29-2012, 09:14 AM
5km ... lol

This is only an issue for Tac players,
A well skilled and equipped SCI has no Problems with cloaking Ships.
My Atrox-Sci Captain, was now able several times to stop Donatra from cloaking.
Even players or myself was much nearer then 5km.

Get the right Boffs or invite skilled SCI Cpatains*, then Donatra has no chance to cloak.
USE your skills and not only your Guns!

Debuffing rules, but a lot people in the STO community will never understand this

One more:
I was in CSE, 2 Cruiser, 1 Escort-Carrier, 2 Carriers.
2 TAC pilots, 1 Eng and 2 SCI Captains.
Only one ship died during that run and we was easily able to achieve the optional
and had over 3 minutes left...

What you need to stop Donatra from Cloaking is, Target AUX Subsystem, Sub-N Beam, the Boarding-Team (Eng-Boff skill). All the other external detection and debuff skills are not working. You have to disable cloak "internally"