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Originally Posted by entnx01 View Post
stosfk: I'm searching the transcripts of episodes and if the one I read for "The Adversary" is correct, the Defiant does have (or at least, can fire) Photon Torpedoes. So for a Cannon ship, it needs at least 1 Photon Torpedo launcher.

But I remember Quantum Torpedoes more than Photons, so perhaps Fore could have 2 Quantum Torpedo launchers and aft could have 1 Photon Torpedo launcher?
IMO I don't know why Sisko was talking about photorps with O'Brien, it seems to me more of a writer's error than anything else. Having said that, it could just mean the launchers can fire both types of torpedo.

But yeah, you're right in that he did talk about photorps. So... I dunno We can't replicate everything that's canon unfortunately.