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Originally Posted by lianthelia View Post
Yes there is the Dreadnought point is honestly I don't know how many people would want this? I mean everything you lose just to launch all four wings at once. Just doesn't seem like it would be worth it.
I would want it. A pure carrier.

'everything you lose' .. again you're just focusing on the loss of the weapon slots.

Math it out and consider what the ship is gaining in return.

Each ToDuj fighter torpedo does 5k damage. There are 3 fighters per wing. 4 wings =12 fighters.

12 x 5k = 60k damage.

In less than 5 seconds, by launching all 4 wings, you get 60k damage from their torpedoes alone.

You think the dreadnaught's 2 extra beam arrays and 1 extra tac slot (compared to VoD'leh carrier variant) can do that in 10 seconds? The Dreadnought variant does 30k dmg with torps from launching 2 wings and its own weapon damage.

In sustained damage..aka leaving the pets under attack command and ignoring them while you focus on your own ship's gun damage... the Dreadnaught does get an advantage. In spike damage & support abilities the VoD'leh carrier has a significant advantage.

Two flavors of the same ship. Two different roles.

But its more than the guns...with a turn rate of three you might as well start your turn and go to the restroom because by the time you get back odds are you wouldn't have made the full turn yet.
Which is why I put it there. The carrier is not to be a close combat ship thus its weakness.

The turn rate however can be changed to match the VoQuv and rather have the ship's inertia change so that the VoD'leh CAN turn but it drifts a LOT during the turn (which would be awesome imo). That way the VoQuv variant can have more effective vector change than the carrier but both retain the same ability to point the nose around.