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08-29-2012, 10:56 AM
Well, I've been on both sides of the coin on this one:

As a VA: the most low-level group I've had included: a lv7 (Miranda, obviously), a lv26 (Excalibur), a lv48 (Luna), another VA (Defiant-X - skittles) and myself (Hermes-F).
That was in Fleet Alert - we cleared.
Tbh, I've never seen failure in Fleet Alert - I'm told it's possible, but let's be honest, that thing's easy.
So, in Alert, there's little problem allowing lowbies.

In Blockade, it's a different story. I recently had a group with 2 lowbies, we got 10 Transports. 10! That's just bad.
The event relies on everyone being able to solo a group (CC, attract attention of or kill) in decent time and there's just no way a Captain or lower player can.

As a lowbie: earlier, I tested Fleet Alert on a new alt (lv3 - Miranda).
I only exploded once (caught in the boss' Warp Core breach). I even managed to kill some of the weaker targets (those corvettes are really weak) or put some Disruptor Breaches into the bigger Ships... but honestly, I wasn't contributing much.
So, while the event is easy enough to allow lowbies, said lowbies are going to be pretty useless and probably shouldn't be there.
I know I, for one, won't do that again.