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Originally Posted by quiscustodiet View Post
Well, I've been on both sides of the coin on this one:

As a VA: the most low-level group I've had included: a lv7 (Miranda, obviously), a lv26 (Excalibur), a lv48 (Luna), another VA (Defiant-X - skittles) and myself (Hermes-F).
That was in Fleet Alert - we cleared.
Tbh, I've never seen failure in Fleet Alert - I'm told it's possible, but let's be honest, that thing's easy.
So, in Alert, there's little problem allowing lowbies.

In Blockade, it's a different story. I recently had a group with 2 lowbies, we got 10 Transports. 10! That's just bad.
The event relies on everyone being able to solo a group (CC, attract attention of or kill) in decent time and there's just no way a Captain or lower player can.

As a lowbie: earlier, I tested Fleet Alert on a new alt (lv3 - Miranda).
I only exploded once (caught in the boss' Warp Core breach). I even managed to kill some of the weaker targets (those corvettes are really weak) or put some Disruptor Breaches into the bigger Ships... but honestly, I wasn't contributing much.
So, while the event is easy enough to allow lowbies, said lowbies are going to be pretty useless and probably shouldn't be there.
I know I, for one, won't do that again.
I have yet to see a group failing the entire mission, not getting to the Siege group or not being fast enough on it is very possible though.
it depends on a lot of factors like if the starbase is a building site or what kind of ships you get.

One of the main problems is that they have less weapon slots and boff abilities, other than that it really depends on the mix you get.