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Originally Posted by feargan View Post
Blah Blah Blah your own fault Blah Blah should've planned ahead Blah Blah Blame the fleet leader Blah effing blah... WRONG. Anyone who thinks this way is missing the point: The system is imbalanced and needs to be fixed. The demand drastically exceeds the supply, therefore, supply must increase to match the demand or risk losing customers. We've seen this very recently, lest everyone forget. Many Common Duty Officers selling for 750k+ EC on the exchange; absurd. What happened? Fleet Duty Officer requisitions were added to balance the system. A similar solution is required here.
Ohhh maii... You're totally entitled to your opinion that Cryptic should make this game easier and faster for you. Doesn't make you right, or an objective thinker who can get out of the grist of mob anger and look at the bigger picture...but you can belittle others' opinion without regard to what they're saying at least!

You are fixated on the Exchange as if it were the only means of acquiring DOffs, and that is your mistake.

If I may tout my medium-sized fleet a moment: We don't even bother with the Exchange for DOffs and we're at fleet level 8 with one last Tier II facility having just finished, the Comms Array. There're fleets beyond us, but we're not racing them and not going to resort to throwing gobs of money at people who're being super-capitalists on the Exchange to do it. the Exchange is an option. It is not the ONLY option. You don't need to rely on it unless you're a grinder, and this system is going to kill grinders who want their toys sooner rather than later.

I do agree with you that the cost on the Exchange is absurd. Whites that cost as much--or more--than purples is indicative of something rather twisted int he rarity scale. That's about it, and largely why we do not bother with the Exchange. You are aware of the Academy Officer Exchange, yes? Of the DOff recruitment services? Or is that not 'fast enough' for you?

Using Asylums and other DOff-gaining missions to get more DOffs or grind down the higher DOffs from them into lower DOffs, then spilitting those into whites? These strategies never occurred to you as alternatives to the Exchange?

Fleet Bases will be with us for many, many months...years...and Cryptic is trying to make the system reflect this as they add future modules and flesh it out, the exact same as they did with the DOff system, which was rather barebones when it launched compared to how it is now. Some things Cryptic definitely needs to tweak, and you see those tweaks as they respond to their internal data (the increase of fleet marks, the release of the Officer Exchange at the Academy, Fleet Mark Boosts, and likely more down the road). Stahl himself has intimated that they are looking into ways to further balance the system when he answered the following in the August's Ask Cryptic:
Q: (drkaczs) I run a small fleet. To make it fair, can smaller fleets get a bonus to earning fleet marks?

Dstahl: Since the release of Starbases in Season 6, we are keeping a close eye on Fleet project progression and will be making some changes in upcoming updates. These changes include significantly reducing the amount of Fleet Marks needed at higher tiers, adding more missions that provide Fleet Marks, and adding a Fleet Mark Boost item that can be purchased for Fleet Credits.
That is a question geared towards fleet marks, not DOffs. As anyone who pays attention to what devs say knows, they have the data of how projects are completed, how often, and what bottlenecks are. They saw the bottleneck in Fleet Marks and started addressing that. They're doing the same for DOffs at their own pace and in a way that doesn't do further damage to the long-term model. So I'm not ready to screech bloody murder and tear my face up in all-caps anger over it.

If you're so discouraged by the long haul of fleet starbases now, I hope you don't give up too soon. You haven't even said a thing about the 60 Green DOffs required for a single 1,000XP project yet! I'd think that's something that'd really get rage-faces going...But if you're just another forum-poster who skips to the end so you can pick something to pick apart in a dissenter's post, well there's no discussion here with you.

Good day. And good luck!

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