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# 414 disapointment
08-29-2012, 11:20 AM
I have the same problem with the launcher since yesterday. I did my daily Doff in the morning but afetr 4 pm I try to connect and my launcher got an error I havent be able to log ing since there I try replacing my launcher and reinstalling the game but by now nothing happens

changin the IP appears a very drastic measure why are we the ones who had to try the game when we all know is cryptic problem. why should we have to search for solutions? when they are the ones who hads to fix it?

even if we have the F2P account I had speand real money in the game. Two weeks ago I had problems with laging its very fustraring trying to play a game that the own owners dont give a crap about for the player who by the way are the costumers and what to say about only one server for the game when I see every other game with 6 or 7 servers and no connections problem

Star trek community is big enough to get a better service for their money why even thing about of buying the Gold membership and pay lots of money when dont even know if the game is going to work the nex morning. but we as a player are to blame because we cant get the point across very clear to the programers and have to put up with all this because its nothing out there to fill out our need to watch star trek .

really if there were another game or tv series with the name star trek that had just a litte better service we forget this game quick

seriusly guys of cryptic if are reading this and I really hope you do, we just want to play every time we want as long as we want or wan to pay for all those items that arent even in the show but how can we If we can even log in its a really bad problem the kind of problem that drive players away

and because of that Im looking for another MMORPG that want my money and my time because for the looks of this and other players in the same situations I DONT KNOW WHEN IM GOING TO PLAY GAIN because of the problem

We all hope the problem FIX but if not I will find another game.