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08-29-2012, 11:20 AM
Im having the same problem. Read the all the other posts and alot of there fixes didnt seam to hold up ive tried some of them and no joy, AND realy u cant even get it to the luancher to force verify and proxy, but i already had force verify on. Im on satilite wondering if cryptic is blocking all sat players would like to know if others are sat to and blocked. Also i went into gameclient and tryied that way it took the login info and went to load but droped back out to the login in screen. all other internet and games work fine. THIS IS DEFINATELY A CRYPTIC PROBLEM. this isnt the fist time this problems happend to me or others apperantly, I had to reload the entire game 3 diffrent times im not doing it again cryptic needs to fix this problem nobodys gona put up with this every couple of months no mater how much they like startrek