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Originally Posted by pottsey5g View Post
I think your math is wrong as 3 regular transphasics pretty much fire the same speed as 3 rapid so I do not see how rapid could be pulling out more DPS. When you say ?being half a second? that is not fire rate is it? Fire rate caps out at 2 seconds max.
It's not math per se, more of a simulation. Because there is a GCD and doffs that proc here and there you can't just punch things up in an excel spreadsheet, which is why I resorted to creating a c++ console application instead. In this case, we fire torpedoes for approximately 75 simulated days (13000000 / 2 / 60 / 60 / 24) in order to average out doff procs.

The "N being half a second" comment isn't about how fast things fire -- half a second is merely our granularity. Torpedoes (aside from trics ofc) fire every 6.5, 8.5, or 10.5 seconds (even if the tooltip doesen't mention the half second, you can verify this by dividing the listed burst damage number of a weapon by it's listed DPS) so we need to check every half second if one is able to fire.

That being said, fire rate does not cap out at two seconds max. According to Cryptic, the GCD between torpedoes is one second. Of course, "according to Cryptic" isn't always to be trusted, but from my experience running a torpedo boat peak firing rate does indeed seem to be about one second. If someone can prove me wrong on this, I'll rerun the numbers with the new GCD value.

Originally Posted by pottsey5g View Post
On a full torpedo boat (I run 4 torps front) there is not a huge decrease in DPS in fact there is a increase in DPS and burst.
Four torpedoes would definitely make the numbers closer since the rapids would suffer more cooldown congestion, but there's a reason I didn't model four torps -- based on our testing I think you're still better off using beams in a cruiser and cannons in an escort. The real value of running torps in carriers and science ships is that you can spec out of weapons energy and run full aux all the time. That being said, let's do it for kicks:

Numbers for four launchers:

With 0 doffs, rapids do 20.24% more DPS (same as with three torps. Makes sense given cooldowns)
rapid = 2138.96
regular = 1778.86

With 1 doff, rapids do 19.56% more DPS (rapids very slightly congested)
rapid = 2798.38
regular = 2340.47

With 2 doffs, rapids do 16.21% more DPS (rapids moderately congested)
rapid = 3426.91
regular = 2948.71

With 3 doffs, rapids do 11.27% more DPS (rapids significantly congested)
rapid = 3911.36
regular = 3515.31

So with four torpedoes, the regular transphasics only become worth considering over the rapids when you have three doffs equiped and you start seeing some significant cooldown congestion. That beind said, is an 11.27% DPS hit worth it for one more modifier and ever so slightly higher burst damage? Probably is if you can get an MK12[ACC]x3 for shooting escorts with high defense, but then the fact that we're comparing a torpedo worth quite a few million EC on the exchange to a free weapon you can get in ten minutes for completing a mission kind of shows things are out of whack, no?

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