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# 1 Zen/Cryptic Points politics
08-29-2012, 11:51 AM
Its coming to an end now and i think i wont play this game much longer. Its kinda sad as i am a big fan of Star Trek but i am not a millionaire.

I have a limited amount of money that i would spend for this game but all the things in the game just cost too much. If i think about how much games i could have bought with the money i spent on c-store items... The way out of this would be to make items much cheaper (about 1/3 of what they cost now). I could buy some things and would surely buy other things later on too but i cant at the moment and all the missions arent (sorry to devs, i know your job and that its not easy) that interesting if you have to play them 1000 times to actually get things from c-store that are just 1% better than what you already have. Right now, i talk about the fleet escort (dont know the full name but i am talking about the Defiant) for example. It would cost me 2000 zen.. I need at least 2 month to gain enough dilithium for this ship. 2 month without joy because i have to do the same missions over and over again (there is no dynamic in the game, its too static). I also know, that there are more ways to get dilithium but i dont want to start the game with the goal to grind dilithium. I want to start it to have some fun (that i sadly dont have anymore). The only missions i (and a lot of other players i guess too) like are the space missions. There are some very good ground maps too in the latest FE but thats not enough. All the old content isnt that good and i was always trying to finish those missions fast or was hoping for a longer space part. Now i am only grinding and grinding and grinding. Will the prices always be like that or will there be some change in the cstore?

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