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08-29-2012, 11:57 AM
C-Store prices are set as they are because of the vast amounts of in-game currency which can be earned simply by playing. You talk about needing 2 months to earn enough Dilthium to get a 2,000 Zen ship. I earn over 3,000 Zen per month just playing 2-2.5 hours per day. So it really just depends on the player.

But even if you just play for 1 month to earn Dilithium and buy the other 1,000 Zen is it unreasonable for you to spend $10.00 a month on a fluff item you want? You can get it for 50% off the price just by playing that 1 month.

Cryptic is in business to make money, just like every other business. It's not unreasonable for the fans to throw $5-$10.00 a month Cryptic's way for fluff items you don't even need to play the game.