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Originally Posted by cmdrskyfaller View Post
If you're science you're not there for the damage 'oomph'. You still do good damage with your torpedo and mine weaponry though.

Grav wells cycled and scramble sensors are excellent crowd control and in STF's that is what wins the day.

Here's a hint... most people don't know this trick:

In Cure Elite...

You know where the neghvar spawns. Make sure the top nanite that is destroyed is the one closest to the neghvar spawn point.

When that top nanite is destroyed and the Neghvar + Raptor spawns you toss the scramble sensors at the neghvar ...

It will target the cube... fire the isometric charge.

Isometric charge will bounce from cube to the nanite opposite from the neghvar spawn... which is where the raptor spawns.

While the isometric is bouncing the neghvar almost ALWAYS flies under the cube.

Isometric will bounce from nanite to raptor.

When the raptor is hit, it will lose all frontal shields and 50% of its hull. But, the isometric still has one hop to go...

and usually the closest thing to it will be the neghvar.

The neghvar will take the final, highest damage isometric charge hop and lose all its shields and be down to 75% hull.

Sometimes you get lucky and the raptor gets hit twice by the isometric and is destroyed.

When the isometric charge ends its run you pop a gravity well 3 at the neghvar or raptor which is under the cube at that point...

and the raptor , at 50% hull will usually die , explosion will heavily damage the neghvar...and the grav well will also usually end up damaging the nanite closest to it.

Its a very nifty trick.
Cool, thanks for the tip! I'll give it a try. Also, I should mention, my while I mentioned STF's, my main query was more solo play. I always play my dailies and such on elite difficulty as well. How does the build hold up without 4 other teamates to pick up the slack?

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