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Originally Posted by hurleybird View Post
Four torpedoes would definitely make the numbers closer since the rapids would suffer more cooldown congestion, but there's a reason I didn't model four torps ??
What I do is either run 3 of the 10 second Transphasics torpedos and x1 Cluster. The cluster fires on the occasion the 3 torpedo do not trigger the doff cool down. Or x2 Rapid with x2 Cluster gives more DPS if the cluster is not shot down but this is less reliable. After a lot of testing I found these two setups the best from a pure Transphasics point of view. From a none pure Transphasics point of view x2 Rapid, x1 Clusteer, x1 Hargh'Peng works really well.

How does Fleet Transphasic fit into this? Would x3 Fleet beat x3 Rapid as the base damage for Fleet is even higher than normal and you have DMG x3. (not taking acc into account just dps)