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08-29-2012, 12:27 PM
(Yes, I read the whole post; I'm abbreviating.)
Originally Posted by nikkyvix View Post
You are fixated on the Exchange as if it were the only means of acquiring DOffs, and that is your mistake.
No, that was not my mistake. But as you said, the exchange is an indicator of "something rather twisted in the rarity scale." With humility, there is very little my moderate-to-large size fleet has had to purchase from the exchange to fill our requirements and we always use every legitimate means at our disposal. Many of us have been waiting for Fleet Starbases since Beta and we were prepared.

Let me digress from my rather confrontational candor on this matter for a moment. I argue for the new/smaller fleets in this debate. My point is one of economics that can't be avoided: Supply must meet demand or customers will be lost.
Originally Posted by comvirtousamos View Post
... its pushing people from playing STO ...
I don't want people leaving STO, I want more people joining us because we're having a good time in a game we enjoy. I'm angered that people are being dissuaded from playing because of game imbalances like this one; that hurts us all a lot more than a stutter in our starbase development or a hit to our resources.