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Originally Posted by hurleybird View Post
With 3 doffs, rapids do 11.27% more DPS (rapids significantly congested)
rapid = 3911.36
regular = 3515.31
Thinking about it there has to be something wrong with your or my testing. With x4 Transphasics you hit the speed cap pretty much all the time. 3 Rapid fire hit the cap so 4 should not gain any more DPS. 4 normal Transphasics hit the cap so should be pulling out more DPS not 11% less. Last time I tried 4 rapid I spent the whole battle with 1 torpedo being unable to fire due to the others cooling down so fast. With x4 normal the 4th torpedo still rarely managed to fire which is why I fitted in a Cluster.

Do not get my wrong, I like your post just I am not sure the numbers are matching up with what we get in game.

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