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Originally Posted by dood98998 View Post
what about when you are on ise and the other four rainbow failboats blow a gen early? when the sheres overwhelm me, and theres 0 chance of sucess within an hour, i bail. and i suck the leaver penalty. i want the leaver penalty removed. the idea behind it is to prevent people from leaving in the first place. i bail anyway when an estf gets to a point where its completely hopeless...
I don't see in taken the penalty away how it will stop people leaving. In fact it will have the exact opposite effect.

A. I am in an STF and A fleet member asks if I want to run one with him. Ok, will be right there and I leave to join them. Because there is no penalty, I can join him immediately in another STF.

B. CSE- I guy decided to pop a cube before we have taken down any of the other probes on the other cubes, Oh well I will leave and find another group, because there is no penalty.

C. IGE- Two people fall in the Goo and we can't rescue them or we never got the opt, I will leave to find a better group, because there is no penalty.

Need I go on, take away the penalty and you will see people rage and quit over the smallest detail more, not less.

How ever like I said they need to drop the penalty once there is only 3 or less people in the group.

I would like to point out I have only quit twice, once when I first played stfs and I didn't read the warning before quitting. The other was KGE, I tried to explain for 20 minutes how someone needs to work the console to drop the shields and then you shoot the console, then they never had the dps to destroy the console before the shields went back up. So I spent another 20-30 minutes showing them how to work the console and they still didn't get it. So I decided it would be quicker to take the penalty, but if there was no penalty, I would have left them much earlier. In fact as far as I know they are still in there scratching their heads wondering what to do.