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08-29-2012, 02:06 PM
There are other option besides dilithium to get what you need. In the case of the fleet ships that require Fleet Ship Modules you can but them on the exchange for 5 mil each.

In the c-store they are 500 Zen. With the current market crash that is about 83000 Dilithium or about 10 days of grinding and refining.

To craft an aegis set you need 54450 dilithium or about 45000 during a crafting event. You will also need to spend about an hour or 2 in b'tran. You can refine that in 6 days and sell the aegis set for about the 5 mil depending on market value. That is just aegis.

If you already purchased a c-store retrofit ship that means you only need one module to get the fleet version. by that math alone there are mk xii purple consoles that are worth more then a fleet ship in game.

While it may take you a long time to earn money to spend on zen there are a lot of c-store item you can get on the exchange if you know how to make money. You could do it in under a week. Just do the research and you will be fine.