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Originally Posted by tebsu View Post
lets say i want to spend not more than 10USD a month but my favorite ship costs 2 times that amount.. I personally am not someone who can save money for anything so my money will go into something else. Next month the same and the month after. I also think that too much content goes into c-store that should be available for free. I understand that there is this F2P thing and the company needs to make money but then add a hugh amount at a lower price. I would spend my 10USD but at the moment, there is nothing that i really require thats cheaper than 1000 zen points. (things that would change my gameplay as a new ship does)
Well, I can't argue that the game doesn't need more Mission Content, because it does. But I can say that I subscribe to 7 different MMOs, and play several more FTP games, and they all need more Mission Content. Needing more Mission Content is a universal truth in MMOs.

Of course I can also ask you how many Foundry Missions have you played? There are thousands of Missions in there, and many of them are as good, if not better, then the Missions in the regular game. So if it's just Mission Content you want the Foundry can probably keep you busy for years. Cryptic highlights a new Foundry Spotlight Mission each week. You can find the list here: That can get you started.

As for not being able to save your Zen, that's really a personal issue that only you can deal with. I currently have over 16,000 Zen on my account and have no problem saving it and using it on things I want.

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