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Originally Posted by thecosmic1 View Post
As I keep saying to you, and you keep ignoring: THERE WAS NO STIPEND BEFORE FTP! Thus they could not "hike" the Stipend when they increased the C-Store prices. The Stipend came with FTP, at the same time they increased the C-Store prices. Prior to FTP everyone paid the full price for the item in the C-Store - and there was no Dilithium system to decrease that price.

So yes, most ships went up $5.00 with FTP, but you were given a $5.00 Stipend and a way to earn hundreds to thousands of more free Zen points every month.
Some prices have also increased since F2P such as the mainstay T5.5 ships now cost $25 instead of $20. And as someone will eventually point out, $7 per character armor.
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