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Great thread!

To the poster with the keybind file generator... I think that is fantastic... i learned keybinding by trial and error personally... but an application to read/tweak would be very useful to some (heck I'd probably use it myself). Does it read existing keybind files?
No it does not read existing keybind files. The reason for this was not to have any information, generated by the game, entering the application. The idea was to reduce the interaction. The application does allow you to save your built up keybind set and allows you to read it but those files have no association with Star Trek Software. Once you are done with your keybind build you can then generate a keybind file that is compatible with Star Trek Online Game Client.

It is quite easy to buildup your keybind set though. In under 5 minutes I can recreate all my keybinds, if I needed to, and save it to a reusable file. The application also has a set of predefined keybinds, which makes creating keybinds very quick and easy.

The PDF by Pug02 was used to develop the framework.

You will have to use the software at your own risk. We/I by no means provide any guarantee or support. If you press the Create Bind File button and nothing appears in the Client Chat Command box then the path for the file could not be generated. I plan to add a feature for the user to specify a custom output folder.

Something that might interest the Space pilots: Click on Key-Sets\Space\Distribute Shield Power to All Movement Keys. Then Create Bind File followed by Copy to Clipboard and then in the game press Control-V in the chat window. You will find Distribute Shield Power bound to your WASD keys.

The application will check for updates when ever it starts up.

It would be great if Cryptic built this feature into Star Trek Online instead.