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Cryptic: pro advice:

Do not fix what isn't broken.
Fix what is broken.

Listen to Old Pro PvPers to find broken skills.
PvEers have NO understanding of the games mechanics Pvpers do, PvPers know whats overpowered and underpowered, pvers do not.
PvEr:AMS is underpowered, the cooldown is so long and it doesnt do anything
PvPer: AMS is Overpowered it makes my abilitys missfire makes every enemy invisible and causes my target to jump randomly, so i cant heal myself, it also makes my evasive manuvers dispell itself.
PvEr: Boarding party is awesome it procs disables and They cant get rid of it
PvPer: Boarding party sucks. it can be dispelled by the most used skill ingame
PvPer: Learn to heal! This si Pvp you NEED HEALING!
Pver:Whats healing, You dont need healing in STO
PvPer:Uhm yea you do, healer is the most important role
PvEr: healers are useless why do u need heals?
PvPer: To keep you alive
PvEr:But nothing can hurt me
PvPer: Players have 4x more dps then NPCs
PvEr:but... I just used Aceton beam how did you get rid of it?
PvPer: Hazzard emmiters...
PvEr:How did u kill me! I used engineering team as a prebuff
PvPer:Eng team isnt a prebuff
^ get the idea yet? If you dont i can continue this for hours.

And when you do something You make more money making things for everyone

Dont just apeal to idiots, Apeal to elite players, casual players, and n00bs. If an elite STF can be done in 10 minutes without ever getting hurt there is something wrong (ive beaten ISE in 10 minutes with 3 players) Have the easy Normal STFs for the regular players, and the elite stfs for the elite players. Now ur apealing to everyone so more players come play.

Add more ways to achive the goal. Players like choices. I want teh choice to either decomission doffs vrs Grind vrs STFs vrs Regular Missions. If i wanna rerun story missions for dilithium i should be able to. Get the stats for players doing Story missions, Story mission time to compleate average, and for every minute in that average you give a 5 dilithium reward, So if the average is 25 minutes to compleate the dilith reward is 125. Now u have several ways to get dilithium! More options more players will like it.

Thats all i have to say.

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