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08-29-2012, 04:43 PM
Originally Posted by pottsey5g View Post
Thinking about it there has to be something wrong with your or my testing. With x4 Transphasics you hit the speed cap pretty much all the time. 3 Rapid fire hit the cap so 4 should not gain any more DPS. 4 normal Transphasics hit the cap so should be pulling out more DPS not 11% less.
Not really, because the difference in damage per volley is so infinitesimally low. On the numbers I provided, regular transhpasics are only doing 2.73% more damage per volley. Even a small increase in firing rate is enough to overcome that.

That being said, there does seem to be some weirdness going on here -- MT's purple MK 12 regular transphasic was only doing 0.49% more damage per volley disregarding modifiers. Seems maybe like one type is benefiting from spec disproportionately? Sounds like a math bug on the part of Cryptic. Guess I'll need to do some further testing.