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Originally Posted by boglejam73 View Post
Cryptic: Pro advice:

Ignore players who lump entire groups together and speak in generalities without any facts to backup their crazy wild claims.

While it is true that some PvEers don't have any clue about the game mechanics, its equally true that some PvPers have no clue as well.

Thats all I have to say.
PvErs DONT have the skills used agaisnt them. A skill that can do 75k Damage isnt OP to them because they dont have to deal with it, and NPCs have like 200k HP. A PvPer will get pissed off because the largest hull ive ever see is liek 65k on an oddy using Jevonite

and i changed it ti Pro Pvpers. PvErs cant value skills because 90% of the skills ingame Are not used agaisnt them. They dont get AMSed, they dont get Plasmonic leeched, they dont get Spammed by Syphon drones. Generaly pvpers understand the OPness of a skill becuase it is used agaisnt them. While some PvErs are aware of this because they either heard it or have pvped before.