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Originally Posted by captainrevo1 View Post
lets look at the numbers.

Player A wants to buy a tier 5 c-store ship. which costs 2500 zen. he then upgrades to a fleet ship and pays 500 zen and some fleet credits. he now has one of the best ships in the game for 3000 zen.

Player B buys a tier 3 ship for 1000 zen to use at tier 3 and then buys 4 fleet modules for tier 5. he pays 2000 zen again and now has one of the best ships in the game plus he used the tier 3 ship for a total of 3000 zen like player A.

Lets call the OP player C. He wants to buy a tier 3 c-store ships for 1000 to use at tier 3, and then only buy 1 fleet model. that comes to 1500 zen. that does not seem to very fair to player A or B. he wants the best ship in the game, its alternate skin and the use of a tier 3 for half of what the others paid.

now are the ships and modules priced too highly? most people would probably say yes, but thats the going rate and its what people are buying them at.

the prices may be expensive but if people are willing to buy them then it has to cost everyone roughly the same. i could see an argument for tier 4 ships only requiring 3 modules as they currently cost 1500+2000 to make 3500, but i dont think the OP should have to pay less than someone who has paid the going rate already.

if the OP wants he can buy the fleet modules on the exchange and pay nothing, buy them with the dilithium conversion while the market is very favourable or he can have the fleet version that costs 200'000 fleet credits and also pay nothing. he only losses a small percentage bonus for the cost of the tier 3 ship he already has.

You're rather full of it here. Since when is a free Vor'Cha Retrofit "the best ship in the game"?

That's what it is. It's a skin for the Vor'cha-R, basically.

You're making up BS numbers stating that all ships are worth $30 USD. They aren't. If you recall MOST of the ships they have added before the massive Oddy/Bortas RIPOFF phase were far less. You'd get ships for 600 cpoints, 800 cpoints, and these were NOT tier 5 ships, but then again neither are most of the fleet ships. Hell, ship COSTUMES cost 400 cpoints. Note they removed the ship costumes from the store, and are now charging you $20 for some of the same costumes under the fleet setup?

Your entire thread is justifying greed based on false logic and made up qualifiers. Numerology doesn't mean squat. You can make numbers mean whatever you want with enough twisted logic. The fact of the matter is I bought the predecessor on which this particular fleet ship is based. I have both free ships AND the paid ship it is based on.

ANY excuse made up to justify charging $20 USD for this ship when others cost $5 USD is utter bullplop. It would be just that: an excuse.