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Originally Posted by brokenmirror2012 View Post
WHens the last time u got AMSed in pve, or got ur all ur powerlevels drained to 0 forever in pve? The majority of pvers couldnt name these skills and consols that can do this. U can be as l33t but U dont gain knowlage of skills from PvE because you cant see there true effects first hand.
and you don't gain any support or make anyone want to listen to your ideas when you pop up acting like the majority of the players (in case you hadn't heard, most people don't PvP in STO - maybe you noticed how long it takes to pop a queue?) are idiots and only PvPers have anything constructive to add to any buff/nerf conversation.

Guess the majority of us non-pro types still aren't worthy of your awesome l33tn3ss.