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Originally Posted by gremlin View Post
care to share your build?

boff setup in order (first is ens, second LT, etc):

Polarize Hull 1, Tyken Rift 1, Viral Matrix 1, Grav Well 3
EP to Aux 1, EP to shields 2, Eject Warp Plasma 1
Sci Team 1, Hazard Emitters 2
TAC team 1, Cannon Rapid Fire 1

Ship loadout:
3x Mk. XII Dual Disruptor Cannons [borg]
1x Quad Disruptor Cannons [DMGx4] (286 dps)
2x Mk. XII Distrutor Turrets [borg]

Devices: Red Matter device, Deuterium Surplus (can be swapped for whatever, but red matter rocks)

Borg Deflector
KHG Mk.XI engine
KHG Mk.XI shields

Borg universal
Isometric Charge universal
Booster modulator (blue Mk.XI +3.5 aux)

3x Particle Generators, as high as as good as you can get (I have almost +70 particle generator from these)

Disruptor damage console x2 (as high as you can get, blue/purple mk XI/XII
Magnetometric Generator universal

My character skills include a number of things but the main ones for this build are:
Particle Generator (maxed points)
Inertial Dampeners (maxed points)
Power Insullators (max)
Hull repair (max)
Starship Maneuvers (max -- the defense boost is why I chose this one)
and various skills into the power systems, such as warp core efficiency, Aux performance, Weapons performance.

Since this is a weak ship, the various inertial dampening and hull repair and ship maneuvers are meant to make me harder to hit, but if I am hit I get away faster and heal faster. The particle generators are key to my offensive power so all 3 consoles plus maxed skill points all feed in to my skills: These aid Grav well, Tyken Rift, Warp Plasma, Isometric Charge, which I have set up.

The EP 2 aux gets triggered first during my alpha strike, and I immobilize target with GW3. If it's a group, I target the center to suck them all in. I then scream at target with evasive manuevers while trailing warp plasma, scream out again, turn around and combine TAC team 1 with CRF and any other buffs I have. I use sensor scan 3 to debuff the target while firing to improve my damage. If it's a big and mean target able to withstand a lot of fire, I fire off photonic fleet, scatter field (to reduce damage) and subnucleonic beam 3 to slow down any offensive manuevers it may have up its sleeve. By the time I start taking fire I can trigger EP to shields 2 to buff me.

If I'm really getting slammed in a bad position I can hit EPtS2 and SciTeam back to back, as they do not share cooldowns with each other. However, sci-team WILL share cooldowns with TAC team and ENG team. This is why I don't have Eng Team. I heal hull with Hazard Emitters II. This way I can heal hull AND 2 shield heals in rapid succession (assuming no cooldowns on them) as needed for a major repair boost. And when you have a very weak hull you may need to do that more often than you think.

Most emphasis was placed on avoiding shared cooldowns in emergency situations. GW3 and Tyken Rift 1 share a cooldown, but it triggers 30 seconds cooldown on whatever you did not use. So by the time I do my alpha strike, get out to CRF position, and whale away on the target, I'm often ready for TR1 to be used. My EP to Aux is near done, so if I'm not drastically needing the extra help, I will wait the 15 seconds to fire TR1 to get most AUX power for it.

Then there's the consoles. Magnetometric is like a giant 1-shot repulsor. I can run in front of a target or targets, turn around, and push them backwards. MARVELOUS for crowd control in STFs. Just make sure you push probes AWAY from the portal and spheres AWAY from the generators. I can also use isometric charge to great effect against multiple targets (bigger targets are better, as it has a long cooldown) when they are trapped in warp plasma, being held together by a grav well.

My whole build is really area denial skills, I guess you can say. I can do all the daily missions, albeit not as EASILY as my fed can in a cruiser, but all the deferi missions, the satellite repair, the Sh'mar mission, etc. It took me a long time and reading a lot of folks' opinions on sci skills on the forums to figure out how I wanted to build this, then it really came together nicely with a lot of testing and tweaking. My fleetmates know, because I had a post on our fleet forum and I kept updating and changing it again and again (lol).

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