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08-29-2012, 08:46 PM
Originally Posted by wrexxstuff View Post
Yeah I too have had this problem since yesterday. I downloaded two separate EXEs and neither have alleviated the issue. I share in a previous posters frustrations in regards to the comment about Cryptic not having a single thing to say about this issue. 400 posts on this issue should be enough to warrant a sticky.

Thankfully its free to play but it just goes to reinforce the idea that F2P games are trash and not to be given the time of day.. Thanks for nothing Cryptic.

I demand 6 million zen points for this inconvenience...but realistically.. please look into this before your whole base decides to piss off...

I mean EVE would love to have me back I'm sure.
I would love to go back to eve, however my poor mans budget wont allow it... lol