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08-29-2012, 09:00 PM
Yeah well CCP is taking care of their own. Cryptic cant say the same at this point. I understand that issues pop up and everything and the tech team has to deal with brutal critisms from their fan base but at this point not even a reply has been issued. Thats pathetic.

This is a company that rakes in tons of money from people who need not pay but do in good faith. I am one of them. I dropped 30 bucks the other night just for Master Keys alone. I expect to be able to use those after i paid for them...

That being said I wont hold my breath. If this issue was important to Cryptic they would've attempted to calm everyone down and reassure far nothing.

I don't wanna go off and play something else but honestly what choice does one have when tech support doesn't give a rats ass? I wouldn't vote, or work for someone who didnt look out for me. Why should I play a game from the same type?