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Originally Posted by johnny111971 View Post
God help me, I agree with Sollvax... this would be a good mission. Although you should allow a rez of team mates.

I also agree with the OP... and will re-up my recommendation that the Old STF's be brought back in some manner... THEY were difficult... eliminate the 1 shot wonder kills, but give the borg some teeth, and make the mission turely hard...

My favorite example is Khitomer Space (part 1)... the probe spawns used to have Sphere guardians with every spawn... you could focus only on probes, and let the spheres build up... but would soon be faced with a dozen or so spheres floating around wiping the map with you and your team.
Onfg its the end of the world... solvax actuall said something meaningful! And I agree woith it! Gid help us all...
Though, honestly, they should fix the ones we have b4 they make new ones.
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