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First, keep in mind that the T5 ship you get at level 40 is as tough as the any of the 3 Retrofit ships choices you used to get at level 50. You're not losing any "power," you're simply not getting another ship at level 50. IE, the Sovereign isn't weaker then the Galaxy R.

As for why you not longer get a free Retrofit ship at VA, there are 2 reasons:

1: It was made a Vet Reward token to try and entice people to buy a Gold membership.

2: Cryptic wants players to buy C-Store ships at VA so they can continue to make money and continue to produce the game.
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* Long Range Science Vessel retrofit; similar in appearance to the U.S.S. Voyager / Intrepid Class; it has Ablative generators (increased armor) though it can only fire torpedoes while that power is active.

* Exploration Cruiser retrofit; similar in appearance to the U.S.S. Enterprise D / Galaxy Class; it can perform the dramatic Saucer Separation which has been seen in movies and on television. This turns you into an escort with a saucer pet that fires phasers on your target.

* Tactical Escort retrofit of the Defiant Class; similar in appearance to the U.S.S. Defiant; it has cloaking capabilities for the utmost in stealth and punishing weaponry.