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You're rather full of it here. Since when is a free Vor'Cha Retrofit "the best ship in the game"?

That's what it is. It's a skin for the Vor'cha-R, basically.

You're making up BS numbers stating that all ships are worth $30 USD. They aren't. If you recall MOST of the ships they have added before the massive Oddy/Bortas RIPOFF phase were far less. You'd get ships for 600 cpoints, 800 cpoints, and these were NOT tier 5 ships, but then again neither are most of the fleet ships. Hell, ship COSTUMES cost 400 cpoints. Note they removed the ship costumes from the store, and are now charging you $20 for some of the same costumes under the fleet setup?

Your entire thread is justifying greed based on false logic and made up qualifiers. Numerology doesn't mean squat. You can make numbers mean whatever you want with enough twisted logic. The fact of the matter is I bought the predecessor on which this particular fleet ship is based. I have both free ships AND the paid ship it is based on.

ANY excuse made up to justify charging $20 USD for this ship when others cost $5 USD is utter bullplop. It would be just that: an excuse.
perhaps i was not clear but the 'best ships in the game' refers to the fleet versions that have an extra console. extra shield and hull than the tier 5's. im not talking about the free ones.

im basing on the numbers that they are now. tier 3 ships never cost 600 c-points. they cost 800. and then was converted into zen which have a 25% difference. they became 1000 zen which is the exact same cost as what 800 c-points were. tier 4 ships were 1200 points and now become 1500 zen, again which works out at exactly the same value with the 25% modifier. the 2000 ones became 2500. If i remember correctly the tier 4 and 5 did have a price increase before season 5 when it was still all c-points but that is still not relevant to what the current costs are right now.

there is no twisted logic here, im not using the numbers to do anything other than point out what they cost. these are the facts of what they all cost. these are the prices that they are if they bought them right now. i cant account for what people may or may not have bought 2 years ago, or during a sale or whatever. these are the facts as they stand. if you someone managed to get them cheaper in some way in the past then great.

basically you dont want to pay these prices. fine. your choice but many people have paid these prices as they are now and whether you like the pricing structure or not if you want the same you are going to have to pay the same, but paying for a tier 3 ship and then getting a fleet ship for 1 module would be paying a hell of a lot less than what others have or will pay.

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