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08-30-2012, 05:36 AM
There are multiple issues with this issue, it isn't any one person's fault

-The bartender requirements are just stupidly high for two items that are quite rare. There is one a single method to get the Dosi, and 1/day (if you can get it every day and you won't) is rough for even a large fleet, most people don't have advanced and developed Doff systems. Romulan ale is completely unreliable to obtain, from ground drops to the doff special pour assignment with an excessive cooldown, to the randomness of the contraband missions. Cryptic did not think this through in a supply/demand before implementing

-There is no ability to cancel or clear the queue for the starbase project, this is a mess and a poor interface implementation. I'm the SB coordinator for our fleet, I warned them about the bartender and to start saving up weeks ago. Someone decided to queue the bartender because it was the only one available, the game has a poor fleet rank system so multiple people can screw up projects. So right now I have ordered a stop to the transwarp hub upgrade, we will finish the last half of science to get to level 3 and overwrite the bartender in the queue.

-A lot of the blame is for poor SB management, just because the demands are ridiculous doesn't give you guys the right to stupidly pick tasks and then come here to complain about how you are stuck. There is a preview, use and plan it out, if you can't get 60 and 60 doffs of specific fields and you queued them, that is your own fault, don't do those ones. Cryptic can't save the stupid. It is pretty obvious some features are very long term and some are for the largest fleet, expecting everything to be done in a day is idiotic.