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Originally Posted by syberghost View Post
And Cryptic gives you the expansions for free, but still costs just as much to develop as other small team games. What did you think they were going to use to pay the developers?

Free to Play doesn't mean Free to Code, Test, and Operate.

actually your argument has already been disassembled by somebody else, but i want to add this:

a captain retrain token...that costs 500 z-points. in a skill system, that actually forces you to respec everytime you change ship?
let me give you an example...i currently play a science officer on an escort. I really had an interest to buy the Oddy pack, but if i wanted to be in any way competitive with it i would need to completely respec my sci officer. Bringing the price of the ship up to 5500 z-points.
thats already about the price of an entire new game. a cheap one, but never the less.

then if i desided to use it on another toon, i would allways need to pay the 500 for a respec with my other toons, since respec is character bound.

on top of all that, if i wanted a 10% increase in stats, i should pay another 500 c-points? (i mean that doesn' apply now to the oddy but to many other ships)

and on top of that...if i had the ship since i was a subscriber...i should pay 2000 c-points for those 10%?

now take the time to put the real money numbers instead of the z/c-points and ask yourself if the prices aren't exagurated in this game.
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