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08-30-2012, 06:40 AM
So......does everyone want to complete their fleetbases in a month?

Do you not want fleetbases to be a challenge?

The more challenging it is to complete a fleetbase the better you will feel when you complete it. 7 Months to complete a fleetbase <------ 7 Months and thats a medium size fleet. The smaller fleets will take a while longer to complete and the larger fleets will complete faster and the solo fleets will take an ice age to complete.

Tier 3 and up will continue to get harder and harder, the Romulan Ale and Rotgut is only a tip of the iceberg, trust me it's going to get harder and I look forward to it.

Everyone wants more and more from Cryptic and when they get it they just want it handed to them it's really getting tiresome. Cry and Cry for content get content cry and cry that it's to hard. geez people I guess you all want to seat around a look at the MMO.
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