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08-30-2012, 07:01 AM
I thought i would voice in and give my opinion.

Overall I like the starbase-thing. I am in a VERY small fleet.
We were at most 13 members, but it has now been reduced to 9.
I.e. We are effectively only three online at random times.
Being the one that has tossed in the most resources, feel that I can voice my opinion without stepping on any of the others toes/flippers -whatever...

Yes, the project as a whole is daunting. Do I ever see us/me finishing it off? No.
Do I get any ragefit over this? No.
I don't expect to ever see tier 5 in my lifetime, but so what. It is quite limited otherwise for what I want to use my dilithium and doffs and other resources on in this game.
When I play games, I don't 'Play them through as quickly as possible'. This game is just a game that are willing to give you a little more for whatever reason you're playing it.
I am a lifer, but as a matter of fact, real life can often toss in a challenge that makes you leave the gaming for a while.

Quickly soon after Ep6 was launched, there were, and still are rage/quit-fits over lack of other (fleet)members activities. All i have to say to these impatient whiners are; Relax. the base will be there for an eternity. Don't make a fuss about other players way of playing this game. Play it your way, the way you can. Don't demand anything from others. It makes no sense. If people are willing to throw in a doff or two, or a bottle of rotgut, but no more. Appreciate it. It was at least something.

There are always things (mechanics & bugs) that can be improved upon, but it makes no sense to focus on "This should be better". Isn't it better to appreciate what ones got, and have some fun where possible?

I could always take the dil-mining as an supreme example of something that is bug-ridden.
Miners where their lazzors come out of their hinds, no sound, people with no EV-suit, etc. etc. To me, it doesn't really matter. The minigame itself works. I am happy.

The starbase is working. Not optimally, but good enough. There is constant progress, albeit being tedious and stagnant sometimes, the projects moves on.

I am happy about Cryptic and their developers. They are doing a great job, and deserves to know once in a while that they are appreciated. -At least i am.
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